Pledge of Support from Thelma Rutherford



Thelma Rutherford, Missions Representative for the Church of the Savior in Washington D. C., pledges the churches support for Dr. King and the work of the SCLC. She encloses a check for $500.00 with this letter.

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Pledge of Support from Thelma Rutherford
Wednesday, March 15, 1967
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[Page 1] [Text in top left margin in green ink: Washington DC] [Inserted date below in blue ink: March 15 1967] The Reverend Martin L[uther]. King. Jr SCLC Atlanta, Georgia Dear Reverend King: I had this check for $500.00 to give you on Sunday March 12th at the Shaw (MICCO) area parade, but we could never get through to Reverend Fauntroy- he was in conference or out of town until too late to make the arrange-ments. I am sending it, thus by letter . As Missions representative for the Church of the Savior, it gives me much joy to forward our contribution to and in the work your conference is doing. We are proud of [what] all your conference members are doing and bid you Godspeed in your efforts. [Page 2] The Church of the Savior, and Ecumenical Church, gives its loyalty to the world Christian fellowship and looks forward to the day when all men are united in love. May God continue to bless your efforts. Sincerely yours, (Mrs.) Thelma [V?] Rutherford Missions Representative 1 Inclosure [Enclosure] Check No. 4507 ($500)
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