Post Card from Critic to MLK



This unstamped post card comes from a writer who identifies himself as "Ole Dorky" and targets Dr. King and the American Civil Liberties Union as "Communist skum." The writer disagrees with the work of civil rights and believes that efforts are "making matters worse for negroes."

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Post Card from Critic to MLK
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[Stamp in Red Ink: Received AUG[ust] 25 1966] Yes sir, Rev[erend], but our people are a disgrace. Take the youngsters down there that marched on the [Amy Antry?] and said a lot of communist [MS: illegible]! That civil liberties Union is nothing but a name for communist to hide [MS: illegible]! Sir, I ernestly [earnestly] wish you people would stop if you can't beat what you are doing. It beats all I ever heard. Any American that sides up against his own United States is not worthy of anything. Just a bunch of black cowards. Now let me tell you we'll get more to be worthy! Been more favorable laws recently than ever, but all can't be done at once. Actually we want work, equal education, housing, and full voting rights. [Underlined: Law gives it]. What: where must come? [Underlined: [sure register. But why all the fuss?] Then why all this rioting. All the communist skum are doing is making matters worse for Negroes. [Hell?] you [MS: illegible] white people [MS: illegible] do anything but resent us! Do you think that will make peace? And you are stirring up a heap of resentment- why don't you get on off and shut up! [Closing Signature: Ole Dorky]
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