Post Card to MLK from Benjamin Mays, Morehouse College



This 1966 post card from Benjamin Mays, Morehouse College, is a thank-you note to Dr. King and "the Morehouse men" who made alumni contributions.

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Monday, September 12, 1966
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I am indebted to the Morehouse men who responded to our appeals for alumni contributions for matching by Alfred P. Sloan Foundation before June 30, 1966. Although only about 25% of our alumni gone to the college between July 1, 1965 and June 30, 1966, it was heartwarming in deed to know that some gave for the first time, others more generously, and still others gave a second time during the year just to help us take advantage of the Sloan offer. Again, my thanks, Sincerely, Benjamin Mays
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