Project Director Job Specifications


This document outlines the role of Project Director and contains notes on the specific responsibilities of the position.

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Project Director Job Specifications
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[Underlined: Job Specifications] A. Responsible for the development, implementation + [and] administration of program in all its phases. B. Duties will include the following: Project Director. 1. [Crossed out: Shall be responsible for all phases of] 1. The [Crossed out: education program and its administration] Initiate proceedings to develop program with Governing board and staff. 2. [Crossed out: Shall] recruit + [and] develop staff for the direction of program areas in connection with this, he shall serve on the personnel [Crossed out: ch] committee and the Board. [Crossed out: play a major role in recruiting and selection of staff] 3. [Crossed out: Shall be the] Serve as the major interpreter of [Crossed out: me] the program to the Board [and] community. And the liaison between these groups + [and] the stay. 4. He [Crossed out: shall] shall make regular reports to the governing Board + [and] trying policy matters to its attention. 5. [Crossed out: Shall] [Underlined: Hold] regular executive staff meetings, to receive reports from the staff, work through problems areas + [and] new direction. [Crossed out: Shall] In these meetings, the director shall interpret changes + [and] new directions in the program. 6. Direct administration of program + [and] all matters related to program. 7. Prepare such reports on the program as are necessary. [Bottom Left Margin: Norman Johnson 303 Playa Bldg Pittsburg, PA.]
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