Dr. King cites Edward S. Ames' beliefs regarding religion.

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[Page 1] Religion (def[inition] By E. S. Ames) 1. Religion is living the best kind of life one can conceive with enthusiasm and trust. 2. Religion is the turning of the soul to God. 3. Religion is loving one's neighbor as one's self. 4. Religion is taking the world as a fairy land of beauty and love within sight of garbage dumps and fist fights. [Page 2] 5. Religion is the endeavor to move mountains with a wish of the heart or the whispering wings of hope 6. Religion is a battle between a sword and a cross. 7. Religion is a quest for life in an abyss of death. 8. Religion is the loss of everything but courage [Page 3] Religion (cont. 9. Religion is a song and a prayer on a corner where street car lines intersect and the cries of the newsboys mingle with the roar of the elevated. 10. Religion is marching with red banners and the blare of trumpets through muddy streets. 11. Religion is faith in a dead man nailed to a tree 12. Religion is feasting on the dead mans flesh and drinking his blood. [Page 4] 13. Religion is claiming forgiveness beyond the stars for murder done here on earth. 14. Religion is sitting together under a wind-blown roof and listening to the crooning hymns and the begging prayers of wistful souls. 15. Religion is living in imagination with a lot of Jews and with one Jew in particular. [Page 5] Religion (Cont 16. Religion is a breath of darling silence in the din of angry clatter and profanity. 17. Religion is composure of soul when the ocean liner sinks 18. Religion is the rapture of a timid heart in the light of the sun, or in the fragrance of a flower 19. Religion is a reform movement struggling against many obstacles a great number of which are imaginary. [Page 6] 20. Religion is a grand opera company singing the hallelujah Chorus. 21. Religion is the longing of a mother for a lost son when that longing turns into affection for other sons who have lost their mothers. 22. Religion is a view of a sleeping city at midnight when the moon is full. [Page 7] 23. Religion is the bleaching of black sands white on the shores of reflection and new deeds. 24. Religion is the land of love encircling the earth and binding the world to the heart of God Christian Century May 17, 1923 E.S. Ames.
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