Ritschl and Schleiermacher on Method



Dr. King sketches his view of methodologies employed by German theologians Friedrich Schleiermacher and Albrecht Ritschl.

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Ritschl and Schleiermacher on Method
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[Page #1] [Top Margin: Rit + Sch an Method] Rit' method consist in deriving everything from the pure source of Revelation in Christ without administure [administer?] of philosophy on nature - knowledge. Clearly [alluded?] to this is the necessity of the theologian belong in the Christian community. In a word Rit starts from the objective revelation in Christ, while Sch starts from the prime consciousness or [Page #2] something subjective. For Rit our source of knowledge of God comes from the Person of Christ and his historical work. Rit end up however with Seh, for [crossed out: it] he denies his [theologian} from the Parson of the Redeem as an objective saver, but from the subjective faith of the Church. Rith deals with Christian facts not objectively, but as "mirrored in the subject". [Page #3] by Sch (in which he [declined?] a mystical trace) For the first time, Rit thinks, Sch applies the philosophy of religion "to the defining of Christianity as a positive historical religion." He is again the first to apply to it, as defining its ends, the idea of the Kingdom of God. Further, he places its essence in the idea of redemption through Christ. [Page #4] He [stress?] an Sch recognition of the never-ending value of the Redeemer for the society founded by them."
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