Dr. King records Friedrich Schleiermacher's views on religion, sin and redemption.

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[Page 1] [Inserted Text in Margin: Schleiermacher] Religion far [his?] is not knowledge of principles and doctrines, [MS: illegible] is it the action after the commandments of morality; it is an immediate intuition and a feeling. Sin for Schleiermacher is the predominance of the flesh causes the spirit by which we are hindered in the consciousness of an absolute dependence on God. Sin, therefore, is not on with the reformation the opposition of the will to God, but it is, [Platonionally?], a disturbance of the harmony between man is natural flowers. Redemption, thus, means an ethical influence of [Page 2] Christ upon the [sinners?]. (Of [MS: Illegible]. The forgiveness of sin as guilt and objective atonement drop in the backyard. Sin is lashed upon not as something armorial, but as a lower stage of human development. The end of the work of Christ is not as much the essence, as to elements, human nature.
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