Schleiermacher (Elements of Pantheism)



Dr. King quotes Friedrich Schleiermacher’s “Speeches on Religion” and writes that it reminds him of Spinoza’s intellectual love of God. The full title of this work is “On Religion: Speeches to Its Cultured Despisers.”

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Schleiermacher (Elements of Pantheism)
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[Friedrich] Schleiermacher (Elements of Panthein) "Only in appearance, can anything finite boast itself of a separate existence" "Such a feeling of being one with nature, of being quite roasted in it, as that in all the changing phenomena of life, even in the [Page 2] change between life and death itself, we might await all that should befall us with approbation and peace, as merely the working out of those external laws, would indeed be the germ of all the religious feeling furnished by this die of existence" SOR, 71 Note: This reminds one of [Spuoza?] the intellectual love of God.
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