SCLC Constituent to Rev. Abernathy


This letter, originating from New York City in the aftermath of Dr. King's assassination, is from a supporter who is inquiring about the purchase of items relating to Dr. King's correspondence.

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SCLC Constituent to Rev. Abernathy
Thursday, May 2, 1968
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Dr. Charles J. Oringer Chiropractor Suite 711 250 West 5th Street New York, N.Y. 10019 JUdson 6-6488 Reb. Ralph Abernathy Southern Christian Leadership Conference 334 Auburn Ave., N.E. Atlanta, Georgia Dear Rev. Abernathy, I am white and of Jewish faith, but I loved the Respected Deceased Rev. Dr. M. L. King Jr. as much as I love my own brother. I will always remember him for what a great humanitarian he was, a great man amongst men. He was a great author, philosopher, benefactor and father of all the poor. He was a veritable "Abou ben Adhem". I am very interested in buying letters that he wrote to people and signed with his name. I want them for several reasons - 1st and foremost to put them in book form, sell them and send the money to the Southern Christian Leadership and to help crippled children in and around the country. With all good wishes, I am Sincerely yours, Dr. Charles J. Oringer
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