SCLC Executive Board Approves Montgomery March


Dr. King’s handwritten notes report on SCLC Executive Board approval of four of his recommendations: a March on the State Capitol in Montgomery, a nationwide economic withdrawal from Christmas shopping to commemorate the tragic deaths of children in Birmingham, a massive direct action program in Danville, Virginia, and selective buying campaign in the South to get better jobs for Negroes

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SCLC Executive Board Approves Montgomery March
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In conclusion I would like to mention that the [Inserted: executive] board of SCLC [Southern Christian Leadership Conference], in its meeting yestersay, went on record [Crossed out: endorsing the following actions:] approving the following reccommendation [recommendation] of the president: 1. Since the state of Alabama is a hotbed of violence, [Crossed out: and] terror, and lawlessness, top priority should be given to work in this area. The board agreed to endorse the March on the [Crossed out: state] state capital in Montgomery in order to dramatize the indignities and injustices that Negroes face daily in Alabama. The details for the March will be worked out in a special call meeting in Atlanta in the next few days. 2. It was also agreed to endorse the idea of a nation wide economic withdrawal program of Christmas shopping to comemorate [commemorate] the tragic deaths of the six children in Birmingham. 3. It was further agreed that we stage a massive Brimingham type direct action program in Danville Va. [Virginia]. The date for this campaign will be determined in a call meeting next week. 4. It was agreed that SCLC [Southern Christian Leadership Conference] launch a southwide selective buying program to get better jobs for Negroes and [in?] even [every?] industry.
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