The Scope of Philosophy



Dr. King notes that Alfred North Whitehead, in “Concept of Nature,” “Religion in the Making” and “Principles of Natural Knowledge,” seeks to isolate the philosophy of science from metaphysics.

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The Scope of Philosophy
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[Page 1] [Inserted in Margin: The Scope of Philosophy] In the CON, Rel, and PNN Wh made a serious attempt to isolate the problems of the philosophy of science from the problems of philosophy in general. He held in this period that the problems of natural science not only could be treated, but must be treated apart from more "metaphysical investigations." His ideal required [Page 2] the exclusion of two topics of human curiosity: value and the human mind itself. He calls such considerations the encroachment of metaphysics. "The values of nature are perhaps the key to the metaphysical synthesis of existence. But such a synthesis is exactly what I am not attempting."
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