Sermon Outline Notes - MLK


This document is an outline handwritten by Dr. King, who frequently wrote such outlines as a precursor to a sermon. The topic centers on man's talent and his reasons for using--or more importantly, not using--that talent.

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Sermon Outline Notes - MLK
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I. Let us notice first that the parable is a clear and sober denial os the equality of human endowment (Unto one he gave five, to another two, to another one, to each according to his several abilities. The finding of the I. Q. test are not new. A. To work any charge of favoritism, the story represents every man as having some talent. No one is left talentless. II. The parable proclaims the significance of one talent. The ruler was angry because one talent was not used. Every talent is need in the divine economy. This man lacked the imagination to see that every talent is precious. A. The real reason for his failure was his fear. I was afraid. He dared no venture. He lacked faith in God and life. He failed to see how much he is needed. He would not speak out.
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