Social Ethics



Dr. King refers to Micah 3:9-12, saying the prophet condemns the love of money of civil and religious leaders. King wonders whether religious leaders today should be paid for their work and concludes that money should never be a priority over service.

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Social Ethics
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Social Ethics (Micah) 3:9-12 - Micah is quite emphatic at this point in condeming the civil and religious leaders for their love of money. Because of this they are under the judgment of God.. all the professional service of these men is inspired by the unholy passion for money. It is Micah conviction that the man of necessary mind cannot truly serve God or the people. In the light of this we might ask if religious leaders should be paid for their services. In a society as that in which we live it is impossible to survive otherwise. But at least we must grasp the essence of what Micah is saying. The leader who puts the making of money before the serving of humanity will never be a true leader. Money should always be a means to an end never an end within itself. Service should be the end.
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