Social Philosophy



Dr. King documents Paul Tillich's view towards Marxism.

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Social Philosophy
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Social Philosophy "Another remark must be made here regarding my relation to Karl Marx. It has always been dialictical, combining a yes and a no. The yes was based on the prophitic, humanistics and realistic elements in Max's passionate style and profound thought, the No on the [Page 2] calculating materialistic, and resentful elements in Marx's analysis, polemics and propaganda. If one makes Marx responsible for everything done by Stalin and the system for which he stands, an unambigious No against Marx is the necessarry consequence. If one considers the tranformation of the social situation. [Page 3] in many countries, the growth of a definite self-conscience in the Christain churches, the universal application of the economic-social method of analysis to the history of thought - all this under the influence of Marx - then the No must be balanced by a yes. Tillich, TPT, 13.
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