Success and Failure Sermon Outline


"Success and Failure" is the title of a sermon given by Dr. King. The handwritten outline, shown here, referenced Philippians 3:13 as the passage of scripture. The date and location, of which this sermon was delivered is unknown.

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Success and Failure Sermon Outline
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[Inserted in Margin: Success and Failure] Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended - Philippians 3:13 Here is a [MS: illegible] confession of failure Yet this confession of failure produces no depression on the man who makes it. What is the explanation of this contradiction The answer is found in the next verse Phi[llipians] 3: 8 (that i may) - 10. Here was a confession of failure which could be made without humility but with pride. For- and here is what the passage says- The only way to produce real joy and permanent satisfaction is to fail in reaching something that [Crossed Out: if] is beyond us rather than to succeed in doing something [Crossed Out: that is beyond] that lies within our reach. What we succeed in doing does not cause us to rejoice. God cares more for our high failure than for our easy successes.
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