Suffering (Illustration)



Dr. King uses a Lily Dougall story from “God and the Struggle for Existence” as an example of suffering.

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Suffering (Illustration)
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Suffering (illustration) A man had a wife who was somewhat convalescent. Driving her convalescence he carried her from one room to another, and on sunny, warm days he carried her to the orchard and back again. At last the doctor determined to interfere said, "if you go on doing this she will never walk again. She so likes being fussed over that she won't try to walk, and her muscles will atrophy." The husband cooperated [Page 2] He had to stand back and watch her stumble. It would have been so easy for him to [inserted text: have] rush to her [crossed out: MS: Illegible] aid. In a sense he had the power to save her from falling. But if he had intervened it would have defeated the purpose - that of helping her to learn to walk - and therefore been an expression of weakness and not of power. Miss Lily Dougall, [Underlined: God and the struggle for] Stu Chi Movement Press [Underlined: Existence], p [page] 110
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