Suggestions for S.C.L.C.


Dr. King drafts a list of suggestions for the SCLC and lists the contact information for several of the organizations members.

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Suggestions for S.C.L.C.
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[Inserted in Margin: Suggestions for SCLC] [Southern Christian Leadership Conference] 1. Set up national advisory committee. 2. Begin scholarship fund for students of three thousand dollars. 3. Word out SCLC [Southern Christian Leadership Conference] button and brochures. 4. Get Jim Lawson + Vivian to do one on non-violence. 5. Send pictures + articles on new staff members. Gaston Vi 1-6930- Al1- 9195 Porter 324- 2668 Smith Fa 4-4901 Crass 322-7046 AD St 8-4166 Pitts 785-0116
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