Telegram from HEW-OEO to MLK



Jule M. Sugarman and Dr. Mary E. Switzer invite Dr. King to join a two-day meeting with the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare and the Office of Economic Opportunity, to discuss day care legislation.

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Telegram from HEW-OEO to MLK
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Page 1 [Inserted Text: Answered by phone 3- 19] [Stamp in Blue Ink: MAR[ch] 13 1968] [Inserted Text: send via air mail to Dr. King] [Inserted Text: 404 522 1420] [Underlined: Wednesday and Thursday, March 20- 21, 1968, to discuss] [Inserted Text: Invitation] [Inserted Text: Shorthand] Page 2 [Stamp in Black Ink: 1968 MAR[ch] 13 AM 7 24]
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