Tests of Great Music



Dr. King lists five criteria to use to evaluate whether a piece of music is great. Great music should hold its appeal over time, connect different experiences, foster a deeper life experience, unify history and integrate the individual personality.

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Tests of Great Music
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[Page 1] Tests of [Underlined: Great Music] 1. Does it grow on me? Great music is liked better after it is heard many many times. If it is music of low grade, it will in time die. 2. Does it interconnect many different experiences. It should bring to mind experiences so related to the [present?] experience that they are subconsciously revived or lifted to the [borders?] of consciousness. 3. Does it enable us to share [Page 2] with others some of the deeper experiences of life, such a joy, sorrow, love, hope? 4. Does it unify history? Great art helps us to share the experiences of the dead, the living, and the unborn over many generations. In great art we can know how man felt many, many years ago, and how they will feel ages hence. [Page 3] 5. Does it integrate the individual personality? Great music helps to resolve inner conflicts. It relives tensions, fears, worries.
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