The Three Stages of Life


This documents contains notes on the three stages of life.

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The Three Stages of Life
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Three Stages of Life 1. Moral disease-mentally ill (2) Mistake- having good intentions, [Doing?] something ignorantly 3. Sin-When man has two choices knowing the right but choses the wrong. Without free will the concept of sin will be destroyed. This crisis age This is an age of colleges and change. We were brought up and under this illusion of the inevitability of progress, but we see that to be false. Our economic instability,racial prejudice, and even religion validity is called into question. 2. The misuse of " Thus Saith the Lord." (Crozer Quarterly Jan. 1941.) 3. The Divine Discontent O God, their last made [us?] for thyself, and our hearts are restless until they find rest in thee" [illegible] men build churches, got to church, and shine in [illegible] acts of [illegible] because a divine discontent stirs them and will not let them be. See Spring-Reality to Worship
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