What Shall We Do to Be Saved


This is an outline for a sermon given by Dr. King, entitled, "What Shall We Do To Be Saved?" It includes an intended introduction. The date and location for which this sermon was delivered is unknown.

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What Shall We Do to Be Saved
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"What Shall We Do To Be Saved?" Intro: I would like to set forth the thesis this evening that the question "What Shall I Do To Be Saved " The process of social salvation is the same as the process of individual salvation. I. The first thing necessary for ind[ividual] salvation is an honest recognition of one's estranged and sinful condition. One can never be saved until he recognizes the part that he needs to be saved. Christian theology he's always [consisted?] that man is a sinner, that there is something is wrong with human nature. The whole decline of original sin come with being [able] [to?] explain this [illegible] in human nature. a. No one can ever get well until he recognizes that he is sick. b. [crossed: The sin of the] this same thing is true in the social salvation.
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