Why the Christian Must Oppose Segregation



This draft examines segregation and the reason Dr. King deems it his responsibility to discuss the matter.

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Why the Christian Must Oppose Segregation
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[Page 1] [Underlined: Why the Christian Must Oppose Segregation] I come before you this morning to talk about one of the most controversial issues of our time.[Crossed out: It is an issue discussed by philosophers and theologians , social and natural scientist, industrialists and politicians] The discussion of this issue runs the [MS:illegible] from the domestic working standing over a heated stove to the powerful educator standing at the head of a great university, from the emseptimatic thinking of the "man on the streets" to the reasoned analysis of philosophers and scientist, from [Crossed out: the tycons] industrial tycoons concerned with economic grown to [MS:illegible] politicians concerned with getting votes. Groups of people, whether in private homes or public lecture halls [Crossed out: MS:illegible] rarely get together without discussing this issue. Since this issue of segregation is of such vast significance, I feel it [is] my duty, as a Christian minister, to discuss it with you. There are at least three basic reasons why every Christian minister s[h]ould speak out on the segregation issue. 1. The question of justice is involved. This automatically makes it a moral issue. 2. Many group in the nation are seeking to maintain segregation with tho use of unchristian methods. [Page 2] 3. Many person attempt to justify segregation on the basis of the Bible.
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