Why We Chose Jail Rather than Bail


Dr. King cites seven reasons for choosing jail not bail. Among them is that ?the highest expression of nonviolence is self suffering.?

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Why We Chose Jail Rather than Bail
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Why We Chose Jail Rather Than Bail I. Appeal to conscience of opponent. [Crossed out: which] a.change of attitudes b. Very few people fail to be moved when they notice others suffering. II. An expression of the extrene [extreme] lengths that one is willing to go in agonizing inconvenience in order to convince the nation [Inserted text second bullet point, third sentence after 'the nation': + opponent] that the Negro is determined to be free. III. To open channels of negotiation where such has broken down. IV. To disarm the opponent of one of the chief weapons that he has held over the Negro- namely the threat of arrest. V. The highest expression of non-violence is self-suffering. VI. A willingness to accept penalty for breaking [an] unjust law. So it is a matter of conscience. VII. A money saving divice[device]. It [was?] needless litigation.
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