Dr. King discusses the danger of subjective religion without objective religion.

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[Page 1] [Inserted Text in Top left hand margin:Underlined:Worship] There is a great danger in merely subjective religion. For religion involves a belief in something that has objective validity; and is [Illegible] [neglects?] this and [Illegible] [purely?] toward a psychological change [Illegible] the individual, it may remain a moral force, and [Illegible] to be religious. So we need more of the objective worship. The Protestant must feel in worship like the Catholic that something is really being done. [Inserted Text in middle of bottom of page: over] [Page 2] We must [Crossed out Text:Teach] [Inserted Text above:train] our children in the habit of prayer, and made them believe that when they pray they are praying to being that has objective validity. Subjective worship without some objective worship cannot stand.
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