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God's Omniscience

Dr. King references the Biblical Book of Psalms regarding God's omniscience. King notes that God knows everything before it is even done. This, however, does not have an effect on human free will.

Letter from Ms. Joan Daves to Dr. King Regarding German Re-Publicaition


In this letter Daves informs Dr. King of what Mr. Von Wehrenalp, Dr. King's German publisher, might have had in mind for Dr. King's special introduction for the German edition. Ms. Daves further discusses other possible uses for such a piece.

Monday, May 11, 1964

Anonymous Postcard to MLK Regarding the Vietnam War


An anonymous individual conveys to Dr. King his frustrations with President Johnson and the Vietnam War.

Sunday, March 17, 1968

Letter from Calhoun Geiger to MLK


Calhoun Geiger, director of the Peace Education Program, invites Dr. King and his family to a summer family camp hosted by the American Friends Service Committee, Inc. Geiger explains that John Yungblut suggested that Dr. King might be interested in attending.

Friday, April 26, 1963

Cooperative Production System


G. C. Szmak provides information regarding the problems of labor management, as well as the causes and reasons for the degeneration of the wage compensation method.

Thursday, November 5, 1953

Royalty Statement for Strength To Love

This financial document from Joan Daves, an agent of Harper & Row in New York City, references an itemized Royalty statement for Dr. King's book, "Strength To Love."

Letter from Nickolas W. Dick to MLK


Nickolas W. Dick writes Dr. King on behalf of Dr. Frank H. Epp extending an invitation to the Reverend to hold a series of meetings in Winnipeg. Dick closes by requesting confirmation of the extent of his stay.

Tuesday, May 24, 1966

Letter from MLK to Leonard Smalls


Dr. King declines an invitation to speak at The Fifty-Ninth Street Baptist Church due to preaching responsibilities at his own church. He also thanks Rev. Smalls for the offer to fundraise for the SCLC.

Wednesday, July 24, 1963

Letter from Congressman Charles Diggs to MLK


Michigan Congressman Charles Diggs returns the proposed plans for the August 28th, 1963 "March on Washington" to Dr. King.

Monday, July 22, 1963

Unwise and Untimely?

This pamphlet from the Fellowship of Reconciliation features a letter written from eight Alabama Clergymen to Dr. King. The Clergymen express their discontent with the movement and Dr. King brings forth a response. The response is later known as one of Dr. King's famous texts, "Letter from Birmingham City Jail." The pamphlet also includes Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" speech from the 1963 March on Washington.

Letter from William E. Mason to MLK


Bill Mason writes to discuss Dr. King's trip to Puerto Rico and reminds him of their conversation about the efforts of the SCLC. Mason explains that he is operating the first interracial camp on the island throughout the summer and hopes that he will be able to assist the SCLC sometime during the year.

Wednesday, November 27, 1963

Letter from Patterson Charles Jr. to Dora McDonald


Patterson Charles, Jr. writes Dora McDonald asking for Dr. King's help regarding alleged racial discrimination in a legal matter.

Tuesday, June 6, 1967

Letter from Andrew W. Loewi to MLK


Andrew W. Loewi writes Dr. King concerning his participation in attempting to put an end to the Vietnam War.

Saturday, October 28, 1967

Letter from Mrs. Raphael Demos to Mrs. Coretta Scott King


Mrs. Demos thanks Mrs. King for her Christmas card and expresses congratulations on the birth of Martin Luther III. Mrs. Demos goes on to provide Coretta with various updates occurring in her own life.

Monday, February 10, 1958

Letter from Donell Taylor to MLK


The author of this document writes to Dr. King offering support to the continued fight for civil rights. The author states Dr. King "can't fail for God is [his] commanding general."

Tuesday, February 8, 1966

Schleiermacher (Religion More Than Dogma)

Dr. King quotes Friedrich Schleiermacher’s “Speeches on Religion.” The full title of this work is “On Religion: Speeches to Its Cultured Despisers.”

The Story of Snick


"From Freedom High to Black Power," by Gene Roberts, describes the opposing views voiced by SNCC and Dr. King regarding the civil rights movement. SNCC asserts a message of violence and black power, while Dr. King promotes a philosophy of love and nonviolence.

Sunday, September 25, 1966

Letter from Dr. King to Bert Onne


Dr. King commends Bert Onne on the continued support and the accommodations received on his visit to Sweden. He also acknowledges how grateful he is for Onne's work for the Martin Luther King Fund.

Monday, April 25, 1966

Letter from Hosea Williams to Project Leaders and Field Staff


Hosea Williams, Director of National Mobilization for the Washington Poor People's Campaign, informs each project leader of their immediate supervisors of mobilization.

Tuesday, March 5, 1968

Letter from MLK to James Farmer


Dr. King sends James Farmer a complimentary copy of a journal on the works of the SCLC.

Thursday, April 30, 1964

Letter from Gertrude Jimerson to MLK


Gertrude Jimerson requests biographical information for Dr. King.

Tuesday, February 19, 1963

Letter from MLK to William Smith


Dr. King thanks Dr. Smith for his contribution of $50 to the SCLC. He updates him on how much money was raised at a recent reception and details how it will be used. Dr. King also sends a copy of his latest book as an expression of appreciation.

Monday, July 13, 1964

Letter from Eleanor Allen to MLK


Eleanor Allen, Director of Christian Education of the Edgewood Congregational Church, writes Dr. King in an effort to connect with a Pastor of a Negro church that is in need of rebuilding "after the recent bombings."

Wednesday, November 20, 1963

Letter from Robert Beverly to Ralph David Abernathy


Robert Beverly of the City Employees Union Local 237 writes to Dr. Abernathy informing him of the enclosed May edition of the union's newspaper.

Wednesday, May 1, 1968

Letter from Mr. Cass Canfield to MLK


In this letter Mr. Canfield Of Harper & Row, Publishers, informs Dr. King that a certificate of recognition from the National Conference of Christians and Jews for "Where Do We Go From Here?" is being sent to him as an award. Mr. Canfield expresses his belief the book will continue to sell.

Wednesday, October 11, 1967

Letter from Henry Hart Rice to MLK


Henry Hart Rice sends Dr. King a contribution to express his support for the work of the SCLC.

Monday, June 5, 1967

Salem Baptist Church Worship Service Program


Dr. King attends Salem Baptist Church in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania as a guest speaker.

Sunday, September 11, 1960

"A Knock At Midnight"


This is a draft of the sermon Dr. King wrote comparing a story from the Bible in St. Luke to the struggle to obtain equality and civil rights.

Sunday, August 9, 1964

Letter from Tore Lundby to MLK


Tore Lundby, editor, requests Dr. King to write an article on equality in America for a secondary school magazine.

Wednesday, January 13, 1965

Notecard Containing MLK's Handwriting Regarding Christianity

On this notecard, Dr. King outlines Martin Luther's views on Christianity, accroding to the book, "Concerning Christian Liberty."