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Ebenezer Baptist Church (Atlanta, GA)

In the fall of 1947, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his first sermon at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. Ebenezer’s congregation voted to license King as a minister soon afterward, and he was ordained in February 1948. King served as Ebenezer’s associate minister during breaks from Crozer Theological Seminary and Boston University School of Theology until early 1954. He returned as co-pastor with his father Martin Luther King Sr., serving from 1960 until his assassination in 1968. His mother Alberta Williams King was music director and church organist. Following King’s death, his brother A. D. King, was named co-pastor. Coretta Scott King continued to worship at Ebenezer until her death. Many of Dr. King’s memorable sermons were first preached at Ebenezer.

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A Statement to the South and the Nation

The Southern Leaders Conference on Transportation and Non-Violent Integration issued this statement to the nation regarding the unresolved problems of civil rights. The leaders asked for all Negroes, particularly those in the South, to assert their human dignity and to seek justice by rejecting all injustices.

Letter from Dora McDonald to Mr. R. Elliot

This letter is in response to an inquiry made by Mr. R. Elliot, on February 8th, 1968, in regards to housing development plans for the Ebenezer Baptist Church.