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Berry, Edwin C.

b. 1910 - d. 1987

Edwin Berry, born in Oberlin, Ohio, was a graduate in education from Duquesne University. He was a leader in the Urban League, first in Pittsburgh and then in Portland, Oregon where he successfully lobbied the Oregon legislature to ban employment discrimination. From 1956 to 1972 Berry was executive director of the Chicago Urban League where he fought for fair employment, an end to housing discrimination and for fair education for black children. As an organizer of the Coordinating Council of Community Organizations and a leader of the Chicago Freedom Movement, Berry worked with Dr. King to bring quality housing to blacks living in the ghetto. He led the transition team of Mayor Harold Washington, Chicago’s first black mayor.

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Freedom Festival Speech on Chicago Campaign

At the Freedom Festival a speech was made in regards to the Chicago Campaign. The campaign focuses on the urban renewal of the area. Specifically, it discusses the unemployment rate and housing conditions of African-Americans.

How Urban League Helps City on Day-to-Day Basis

In this article, the council, activities, and contributions of the Urban League are discussed. Edwin C. Berry, the league's executive secretary, believes that contributions have decreased due to the league's refusal to take a stand against civil rights demonstrations. Mr. Berry is hopeful that contributors will return their support to make Chicago a "hallmark of democracy."

Letter from Edwin Berry to Jane Lee J. Eddy

Edwin Berry, Executive Director of the Chicago Urban League, writes Jane Lee Eddy, Secretary of the Taconic Foundation, to request funding for a "get-out-the-vote campaign" in Chicago.

Letter from Edwin Berry to MLK

Edwin C. Berry thanks Dr. King for his recent gift and membership to the Chicago Urban League. Berry goes on to give an update of the group's activities.

Letter from George E. Riddick to MLK

Mr. Riddick writes to Dr. King and thanks him for speaking at Soldier Field. He expresses the support of the Illinois community for Dr. King's ministry on behalf of Civil Rights.

Letter from MLK to Edwin C. Berry

Dr. King thanks Edwin Berry of the Council of Coordinating Organizations for presenting the Rosa Parks Award to Al Raby at the annual SCLC convention.

Memo from Edwin Berry and Melville Hosch to Freedom Government Conference Members

The United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare details the purpose of the Freedom-Government Conference and outlines the objectives for the scheduled meetings in the spring.

Telegram From Edwin Berry to MLK

Edwin Berry congratulates Dr. King on receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.

Urban League Feeling a Financial Squeeze

This article focuses on the Chicago Urban League's struggle to gain financial support from contributors. According to the organization's director Edwin C. Berry, former contributors failed to accept the fact that the goals and scope of the league would preclude the organization from becoming a "protest group."