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Boyte, Harry G.

b. 1911 - d. 1977

In 1963 Harry G. Boyte became the first white employee of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). He served as special assistant to Dr. King and as a research and information secretary. A native of North Carolina, Boyte was educated at Elon College, American University and the London School of Economics. He settled in Atlanta in 1946 while working for the Red Cross. He resigned from the organization in 1959 to commit himself to civil rights work. Prior to joining the SCLC Boyte served as chairman of the Greater Atlanta Council on Human Relations and as the Southern Director of the Unitarian Service Committee, an organization committed to the desegregation schools. Boyte became director of the Dialogue Department of SCLC later in his tenure with the organization.

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Agenda for Executive Staff Meeting of SCLC

This document contains an itinerary for an upcoming Southern Christian Leadership Conference staff meeting.

An Appreciation Dinner

This dinner salutes the outstanding service of the SCLC staff. It includes menu items for the gathering as well as a schedule of guest speakers and attendees.

Dialogue: A Search for Reconciliation

Through the power of dialogue, the SCLC seeks to bring diverse cultures together for the purpose of removing barriers and achieving meaningful communication. This brochure outlines six programs of action designed to achieve this goal including group conversation, community dialogue, dialogue of faith, campus dialogue, dialogue round tables, and dialogue with self.

Letter from Harry Boyte to Celia Howard Casey

Harry Boyte writes Celia Casey, on behalf of Dr. King, to express appreciation for her letter.

Letter from Harry G. Boyte to Coretta Scott King

In this letter, Harry G. Boyte offers his personal admiration to Mrs. King for the "strength [she has] provided Dr. King."

Letter from Harry G. Boyte to Leon R. Martin

SCLC Director of Research and Information Harry Boyte communicates with Leon Martin to thank him for the thoughtful words made in response to Dr. King's article in "The New Leader." Boyte tells Martin that Negroes in America are at a place where they will no longer be forced to wait for equality. Boyte asserts that only the complete participation of Negroes in every part of life in America will "suffice at this juncture in history."

Letter from Samuel Abbott to MLK

Samuel Abbott asks Dr. King for a personal favor in writing the preface for his recent publication.

Memo from Harry Boyte to MLK

Mr. Boyte asks Dr. King to review the document "ACTION FOR DEMOCRACY." He also attaches two tables for his review.

SCLC Annual Report by MLK, 1965

Dr King delivered this report at the SCLC's ninth annual national convention in Birmingham, Alabama. Serving essentially as a State of the Union address for the SCLC, the report touches on the major topics of the Civil Rights Movement and the recent achievements and goals of the SCLC.

SCLC Staff Assignments

This document contains a list of specific assignments for the individuals of the SCLC staff.

Staff of SCLC

The SCLC lists its executive, field and clerical staff.

Telegram from Harry G. Boyte to Rev. John Papandrew

Harry Boyte expresses his happiness that Rev. John Papandrew will be working with the SCLC.

Work Summary of Rachel Davis DuBoise

This document is a brief work summary for Rachel Davis DuBoise as a member of the Dialogue Department of SCLC covering the periods from November 1965 to October 1966.