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Dahlberg, Edwin T. (Edwin Theodore)

b. 1892 - d. 1986

Edwin T. Dahlberg was an American Baptist minister. He served as president of the American Baptist Churches from 1946 to 1947 and president of the National Council of Churches from 1957 to 1960. A disciple and student secretary of social gospel theologian Walter Rauschenbusch, Dahlberg was known for his profound commitment to social justice and peacemaking. He helped found the Fellowship of Reconciliation and was a strong advocate for pacifism during World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. In 1960 Dahlberg received the Gandhi Peace Award, which was later bestowed on Dr. King. In 1964 the American Baptist Churches USA created the Dahlberg Peace Award. King was the inaugural recipient of the award.

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American Clergymen's Committee for Vietnamese War Relief

The American Clergymen's Committee for Vietnamese War Relief requests that Dr. King join them in sending medical supplies to North Vietnam. They also explain the difficulties they are receiving from the government to obtain a Treasury Department License which would enable them to assist in the war relief. Lastly, the committee informs Dr. King of how other churches have made generous contributions to help with relief for the Vietnam War.

Invitation from Charles H. Day to MLK

In this letter, Charles H. Day encloses a letter that invites Dr. King to Iowa on the behalf of Reverend Edwin T. Dahlberg.

Letter from Edwin T. Dahlberg to Charles H. Day Regarding MLK

In this letter Mr. Dahlberg encourages Mr. Day to send Dr. King a personal invitation to appear in Des Moines, Iowa. The author also discusses the Washington March for Peace in Vietnam.

Statement by MLK on Perjury Charges

Dr. King addresses his indictment for perjury supposedly related to improperly filed Alabama state tax returns. He points out that the tax auditor who assured him that his returns were accurate is the person bringing the charges. He proposes a group of distinguished citizens to review his books and report their findings and concludes by stating that his conscience is clear.

Telegram from Harold Stassen to MLK

Harold Stassen, President of the American Baptist Convention and former Minnesota Governor, congratulates Dr. King on being the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. He states that Dr. King is the most deserving because he tackles the race crisis through non-violent means.