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DeWolf, L. Harold (Lotan Harold)

b. 1905 - d. 1986

Lotan Harold DeWolf served as Dr. King’s dissertation advisor at Boston University (BU) School of Theology. Born in Columbus, Nebraska, he was educated at Nebraska Wesleyan University before finishing his doctoral studies at BU. DeWolf was among the country’s leading personalist theologians when King arrived in Boston. Keenly interested in personalism, King developed a close working relationship with DeWolf. They continued their correspondence after King left Boston. King cited DeWolf’s scholarship in sermons and writings. DeWolf joined King in demonstrations, defended and expressed public solidarity with his actions and prayed for all those participating in the movement. On April 9, 1968 DeWolf offered remarks at King’s funeral calling him an exemplar of faith, hope and love.

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"Lost Sheep" or "The God of the Lost"

Dr. King delivers a sermon about the parable of the lost sheep from the book of Luke. In this sermon, Dr. King poses the question that has pondered mankind for ages, "What is God Like?" He declares, "God is like a good shepherd" caring for his sheep. Dr. King commends the good done in America, but compares the nation to "a lost sheep" for failing to maintain equality for all men. He summarizes by describing good as a process, that everyone is significant and God is seeking to find the lost.

DeWolf L. Harold: RRR (1949)

Dr. King references Harold DeWolf's book "The Religious Revolt Against Reason."

DeWolf, Harold

Dr. King references Harold DeWolf's book, "A Theology of the Living Church."

Dr. King's Strategy

In this article L. Harold DeWolf, dean of the Wesley Theological Seminary, describes the strategy of Dr. King. He asserts that Dr. King follows "the way of the cross" and confronts racial hatred with "daring love."

Letter from Carolyn Fewell to MLK

In this letter, Mrs. Fewell, secretarial assistant to the dean of the Wesley Theological Seminary, thanks Dr. King for his sending his book, "Where Do We Go From Here."

Letter of Invite from M. J. Jones to MLK

In this letter, M. J. Jones invites Dr. King and Mrs. King to be his guest at a dinner with Dr. L. Harold DeWolf. DeWolf is delivering three lectures over the course of two days, to which Dr. and Mrs. King are also invited.

Where Do We Go From Here Book Mailing

The people listed here received an advance copy of Dr. King's "Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community," which was published in 1967.