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Dobbs, John Wesley

b. 1882 - d. 1961

John Wesley Dobbs, a graduate of Atlanta Baptist College and a railway mail clerk, in 1911 became a member of the Prince Hall Masons, a fraternal order that was comprised of socially-conscious, black middle class leaders. In 1932, he was elected Grand Master, a position he held until his death. In 1936, Dobbs organized a voter registration drive and founded the Atlanta Civic and Political League and the Atlanta Negro Voters League. In 1948, he successfully convinced Mayor William B. Hartsfield to integrate Atlanta’s police force and install street lamps on Auburn Avenue, the heart of Atlanta’s black community. Following a stroke, Dobbs died on August 30, 1961, the same day Atlanta city schools were integrated. Dr. King delivered the prayer at his funeral.

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Funeral Service: Grand Master John Wesley Dobbs

This program outlines the funeral service of Grand Master John Wesley Dobbs. Mr. Dobbs established a number of civil rights organizations in the Atlanta area and was considered to be a close friend and confidant of Dr. King.

Mr. & Mrs. John Wesley Dobbs Sends Best Wishes for 1960

This card reflects the various dates in which progress has been made in the struggle for equal rights for all. In this card Mr. & Mrs. John Wesley Dobbs also gives their best wishes for 1960.