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Duckett, Alfred

b. 1917 - d. 1984

Alfred A. Duckett operated a public relations company that represented major black entertainment and political figures. In his role as a public relations professional, Duckett assisted and ghostwrote for Dr. King. Some of their more prominent collaborations included the book Why We Can’t Wait, the syndicated newspaper column My Dream and the I Have a Dream speech for the 1963 March on Washington. Duckett also collaborated with Jackie Robinson, the first black major league baseball player, on the publication of his memoir I Never Had It Made.

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A Thank You for Their Hospitality

Lawyer William Kunstler writes this thank you to Dr. and Mrs. King and discusses a few legal matters.

Letter from Alfred Duckett to MLK

This letter to Dr.King from a supporter emphasizes the need for reform in the SCLC. Particularly with its writings. He tells Dr.King the need for editing grammatical errors on SCLC literature. He believes he has a workable plan to make changes that would better serve Dr.King and the movement.

Letter from Alfred Duckett to MLK about Request

Alfred Duckett writes this letter to Dr. King in order to remind Dr. King of his desire to have a magazine article or television special done on him and stresses the need to present Dr. King's role "not only as a civil rights leader, but also as a father, pastor, husband, and administrator of a steadily-growing national organization." Mr. Duckett also presents the terms of a proposed publishing contract, should he wish to become a part of the project.

Letter from Stanley Levison to MLK

Attorney Stanley Levinson writes Dr. King about the state of the SCLC's finances, and the potential of a financial crisis.

Letter from William M. Kunstler to MLK Regarding a Guest Appearance

Here William M. Kunstler (Bill) makes two separate requests: first that Dr. King appear on the Barry Gray radio program for an interview, and, second, to receive a brief tape from the reverend for an NAACP housing rally at the Rye-Port Chester Chapter.

Memorandum from Alfred Duckett to MLK

This memo addresses fundraising events that Mr. Duckett wishes to pursue.

Telegram from Al Duckett to MLK

In this telegram to Dr. King, Mr. Al Duckett professes his willingness to protest in Chicago.

Telegram from Alfred Duckett to Mrs. King

Alfred Duckett asks Mrs. King to airmail her "program breakdown" to meet a printing deadline.