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Graham, Billy

b. 1918

William Franklin “Billy” Graham is a prominent Christian evangelist and was spiritual counselor to 12 U.S. presidents. Noncommittal on integration in the early years of the Civil Rights Movement, Graham evolved after Brown v. Board of Education. He refused to preach to segregated audiences and opposed South African apartheid. In 1957, Graham hosted Dr. King at his New York Crusade at Madison Square Garden. During the Albany Movement, Graham paid King’s bail. He held integrated crusades in Birmingham in 1964 and toured Alabama in 1965 after the violence in Selma. He differed with King on the Vietnam War but opposed nuclear weapons. Before his retirement, Graham personally preached the Christian message to over 215 million people in 185 different countries and reached another 2 billion through radio and television.

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Appeal to Billy Graham Regarding Religion

Matakichi Saito questions Billy Graham about his views on religion as it relates to discrimination.

Interview Outline for WAII-TV Show-Profile Emory University Atlanta, Georgia

This document outlines Dr. Edward T. Ladd's interview with Dr. King, for broadcast on WAII-TV's program "Profile Emory University."

Invitation Program to the 1966 Upper Room Citation

The following document is an invitation program from the Rev. Dr. Manning and the Upper Room inviting guests to attend the 1966 Upper Room Citation at the Grand Ballroom, London Hilton Hotel in London, England.

Is It Wrong to Segregate?

This Sermon titled "Is It Wrong to Segregate?" was delivered by the Reverend A. L. Kendrick on June 5, 1960. He expounds on several topics including equal rights, communism and the political element of the government.

Letter from Joe Martine to MLK

Martine shares with Dr. King strong feelings of opposition to the government drafting men for the war in Vietnam. He also comments on statements made by Eartha Kitt at a White House dinner hosted by Lady Bird Johnson, addressing the correlation between juvenile delinquency, crime, and war.

Letter from Paul Sturges to MLK

Rev. Paul Sturges invites Dr. King to address the annual meeting of the Massachusetts Baptist Convention.

Letter from Wilton Hall Jr to MLK

President of Droke House Publishers, Wilton Hall, Jr., requests copies of Dr. King's speeches, sermons, press conferences, articles, and interviews for the completion of a book volume entitled "The Quotable Martin Luther King."

Telegram from Bob Dillon to MLK

In this telegram, Bob Dillon requests Dr. King's presence along with Reverend Billy Graham at a revival being held in what he classifies as an "unchristian community" in Birmingham.