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Gregg, Richard Bartlett

b. 1885 - d. 1974

Richard Bartlett Gregg, social philosopher, was an influential early writer on nonviolence. He earned bachelor’s and law degrees from Harvard and went to India in the 1920s for four years, living for seven months in Gandhi’s ashram. Gregg’s The Power of Nonviolence was published in 1934. During the Montgomery Bus Boycott Glenn Smiley gave Dr. King The Power of Nonviolence, which he read immediately and later said had a lasting influence on his life. When the 1959 edition of Gregg’s book was published, King wrote the foreword. Gregg, a member of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, became interested in organic farming and voluntary simplicity (a term he coined) as further expressions of nonviolence.

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Foreword of "The Power of Nonviolence"

This is a copy of a foreword written by Dr. King to Richard Gregg's "The Power of Nonviolence."

Introduction to an Educational Program on Nonviolence

This document explains the purpose of an educational program on nonviolence. The document then goes into specific details on the curriculum taught in the workshops for nonviolence.