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Henderson, Vivian Wilson

b. 1940 - d. 1976

Vivian Wilson Henderson, born in Bristol, Tennessee, was an economist, educator and civil rights leader. He received his bachelor’s degree in economics from North Carolina College and his master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Iowa. He held positions at Fisk University and was president of Clark College (now Clark Atlanta University) from 1965 to 1976. Henderson wrote extensively on economics and race relations, including The Economic Imbalance, Economic Dimensions in Race Relations, Economic Opportunity and Negro Education, The Economic Status of Negroes, The Advancing South, Employment Race and Poverty, and Negro Colleges Face the Future. He served as chairman of the A. Philip Randolph Institute in 1967 and worked on the Institute's Freedom Budget for All Americans.

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A. Philip Randolph Institute Minutes

These meeting minutes of the Executive Board of the A. Philip Randolph Institute include discussions on the urgent need for legislative action on the Freedom Budget, a possible theoretical and analytical magazine on the Negro struggle for equality, and celebration of Mr. Randolph's 80th birthday.

Memorandum from Carole to Dora McDonald

Carole requests that Ms. McDonald channels several correspondence to Dr. King from those who will participate in a Convention.

National Clergymen's Conference on Operation Breadbasket

This schedule for the National Clergymen's Conference on Operation Breadbasket provides a description of the topics to be covered during the convention.