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James, William

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Address by MLK at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

In his address to the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr. King discusses the subject of the "Church on the Frontier of Racial Tension." King describes the crisis state of the US as it passes from an old order of segregation to a new order of integration, proclaiming that this is both a moral issues as well as a political issues. King implores the church to open the channels of communication between races and institute social reform, especially economic justice. Lastly, he invites all people to step into the new age with understanding and creative good will in their hearts.

Dexter Echo: July 6, 1960

This July 1960 newsletter of The Dexter Echo is sent to Dr. and Mrs. King. The newsletter covers recent events of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, the church Dr. King pastored during his time in Birmingham, Alabama. The main article "Christian Control and Action Amid Social Tensions" questions how to manage life's tensions and discusses the nature of fear. The newsletter also includes an article on Men's Day and shares the news on various congregation members.


Dr. King quotes William James' "The Sentiment of Rationality."


Dr. King writes that the belief in immortality by scholars in different disciplines suggests that while immortality cannot be proved nor has it been disproved.


Dr. King quotes William James' perception of metaphysics.


Dr. King notes an insight from American psychologist and philosopher William James regarding metaphysics.


Dr. King notes William James' description of prayer.

Prayer (Definition)

Dr. King quotes William James' definition of Prayer.


Dr. King quotes William James' essay "Is Life Worth Living?"

William James

Dr. King briefly discusses philosopher William James and his lectures entitled "The Variety of Religious Experience."