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Jemison, T. J. (Theodore Judson)

b. 1918

T. J. Jemison, a Baptist pastor in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, helped organize the first recorded civil rights bus boycott in 1953. Jemison, Willis Reed and Raymond Scott coordinated a free-ride network with black churches to provide transportation for the boycotters. Dr. King noted that Jemison’s recording of the events “proved invaluable” in the Montgomery Bus Boycott. He served as one of King’s advisors for the Montgomery Boycott and was also a founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). Jemison was elected president of the National Baptist Convention (NBC) in 1982, ending the conservative stance of the NBC as Jemison led it to embrace the social gospel and support of the Civil Rights Movement.

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Flyer for SCLC Mass Meeting

This flyer advertises a 1958 Norfolk, VA SCLC mass meeting.

Letter from MLK and Associates to Mr. Grover Hall

Dr. King and associates write to Grover Hall, Editor of the Montgomery Advertiser, to express appreciation for an article the publication carried. The clergymen state that "law and order can be restored" if other periodicals throughout the South follow the newspaper's example.

Letter from MLK and Others to President Dwight D. Eisenhower

A group of Southern religious leaders write to President Eisenhower concerning the extreme violence directed towards Negro people throughout the South. They request his immediate action to address the nation's moral and legal framework sustained by the presiding racial climate.

Letter from MLK to Vice President Richard Nixon

Dr. King and fellow clergymen commend Vice President Nixon on his work bringing attention to the suffering Hungarian refugees in Austria. They urge him to take a similar trip to the South and meet with the thousands of victims of racial oppression.

Letter to Rev. Thomas Thrasher from MLK and Others

Dr. King and other civil rights leaders contact the President of the Montgomery Ministerial Association, Rev. Thomas Thrasher, to compliment him on his statement subsequent to the bombings in Alabama.

Southern Leaders Conference letter to Eisenhower

Ministers meeting at the Southern Negro Leaders Conference on Transportation and Non-Violent Integration co-signed this letter to Pres. Eisenhower.