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Lenox, G. Merrill

b. 1902 - d. 1995

G. Merrill Lenox helped mobilize support for fair employment practices and open housing as executive director of the Detroit Council of Churches. He hosted a weekly radio broadcast for 30 years and wrote for The Christian Century and the Detroit Free Press. His Church at the Crossroads was one of the first and most popular religious shows on television. Dr. King regarded Rev. Lenox as a good friend and praised his dynamic leadership. One of the highlights of Lenox’s ecumenical career was an invitation to sit on the platform when King delivered his I Have a Dream speech in Washington, D.C. August 28, 1963.

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Letter from G. Merrill Lenox to MLK

G. Merrill Lenox, Executive Director for the Metropolitan Detroit Council of Churches, informs Dr. King he is being remembered and in the daily prayers of thousands during his incarceration in the Birmingham Jail.