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Maynard, Aubre de L.

b. 1901 - d. 1999

Aubre Maynard, born in Guyana, was appointed director of surgery at Harlem Hospital in 1952. An immigrant to New York City, Maynard graduated from City College of New York and New York University (NYU) Medical School. He attended NYU only after learning that Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons objected to contact between black doctors and white patients. He was elected president of the Harlem Surgical Society. On September 20, 1958, Maynard successfully removed a blade from Dr. King’s chest after Izola Curry, a deranged woman, stabbed him with a letter opener. By telegram on October 15, 1964, Maynard congratulated King for receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.

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MLK Statement from the Harlem Hospital

Dr. King writes from the Harlem Hospital in New York as a result of being stabbed by Izola Currey. King asserts that he does not have any ill feelings towards Currey, and hopes that she receives the help she needs to become a functional member of society. King also thanks his supporters for all the cards, telegrams, and phone calls which fortified him throughout his tribulation. Dr. King ends by saying he is "impatiently waiting to rejoin [his] friends and colleagues to continue the work that we know must be done regardless of the cost."

Statement Issued from Harlem Hospital by MLK

Dr. King expresses his appreciation for the staff at Harlem Hospital and those who supported him during his stay at this location. He asserts that the telegrams, letters, calls and other means of contact have been accepted as a token of respect.