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Pauling, Linus

b. 1901 - d. 1994

One of the few people in history ever to receive Nobel prizes in two separate fields, Linus Pauling received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1954 and the Nobel Peace Prize in 1962. He was already one of the most prominent scientists in America when he joined the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists (ECAS) in 1946. Chaired by Albert Einstein, ECAS sought to warn the American public of the dangers of atomic weapons. Pauling wrote Dr. King asking him to join other Nobel laureates in opposing above-ground nuclear testing. He also wrote King requesting his support in an effort to persuade Ho Chi Minh of North Vietnam and U.S. President Lyndon Johnson to negotiate peace.

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Lette from Morton Sobell to a Friend

Mrs. Sobell requests that Dr. King attend the open hearing for Morton Sobell. She also asks for financial support to aid in his defense.

Letter from Peggy Duff to MLK

Peggy Duff, from the International Confederation for Disarmament and Peace, writes to Dr. King requesting his support in ending the Vietnam War.

Letter from Thomas Bradley to MLK

Thomas Bradley, Los Angeles' Tenth District Councilman, requests Dr. King's support with a fundraising campaign.

Norwegian Peace Initiative

Five Norwegians concerned about the Vietnam conflict propose that winners of the Nobel Peace Prize form a negotiating delegation to visit the US and Hanoi governments.

Peace and Freedom Party Registration Drive

This document discusses the Peace and Freedom Party Registration Drive and the California Committee for the Peace and Freedom Party. The registration drive aims to place the Peace and Freedom Party on the 1968 California ballot with the purpose of opposing the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates. Also included is a partial list of the Peace and Freedom Party's endorsers, which includes 1962 Nobel Peace Prize recipient Linus Pauling.