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Quill, Mike

b. 1905 - d. 1966

Mike Quill, born in Ireland, immigrated to the U.S. after being blacklisted and becoming jobless. In New York he became a ticket agent for the Interboro Rapid Transit Company. Under harsh working conditions, he joined the Irish Workers Club. From that he and others formed The Transport Workers Union. From the start Quill, a radical leftist, declared that anyone could join the union regardless of race or religion. He fought vigorously for racial equality even among his own co-workers. Quill was a great ally in the Civil Rights Movement, fully supporting Dr. King’s efforts and inviting him to the Union’s Convention in 1961. When Quill died in 1966, Dr. King said, "Quill was a fighter for decent things all his life… He spent his life ripping the chains of bondage off his fellow man.”

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A Union Treasurer Writes MLK Regarding the SCLC Convention

Cleveland Robinson, Secretary Treasurer of AFL-CIO District 65 Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, writes to Dr. King with several suggestions for the upcoming SCLC convention.

Letter from Labor Union President Michael Quill to MLK

Michael Quill, International President of the Transport Workers Union of America, encloses a copy of their 11th Constitutional Convention minutes to Dr. King. He also thanks him for his words at their convention and his contribution to the labor movement in America.

Letter from MLK to Michael J. Quill

Dr. King expresses his appreciation for Michael J. Quill's dedication to the "front lines" during a libel case. Dr. King informs Mr. Quill of the current status of the case and the courts response. He further provides Mr. Quill with the operations in the south and their deep involvement in the "Freedom Ride."

Letter from MLK to Transportation Workers Union President Matthew Guinan

Dr. King thanks newly elected Transport Workers Union President Matthew Guinan for his contribution that will aid SCLC in their efforts. However, the contribution was made out to Dr. King, which causes him to inform Mr. Guinan to make the check payable to the SCLC. Dr. King congratulates Guinan on his recent position and wishes him much success.