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Smiley, Glenn E.

b. 1910 - d. 1993

Glenn Smiley was an advisor to Dr. King during the Montgomery Bus Boycott. A Methodist minister born in Texas, he became national field secretary of the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR). He served a prison term as a conscientious objector. Sent by FOR to Montgomery in 1956, he worked side by side with King, advising him on the philosophy, history and application of nonviolence. He became an emissary to white churches for building inter-racial dialogue, prayer and action. He worked with King and other clergy to develop guidelines to prepare for desegregated city buses. Smiley sat next to King on the first integrated bus when the Montgomery boycott ended. Later Smiley founded Justice-Action-Peace-Latin America, a Methodist project for nonviolent workshops in Latin America.

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Letter from Glenn E. Smiley to MLK

In this letter, Mr. Smiley requests an endorsement from Dr. King on the creation of a non-violent training film by The Fellowship of Reconciliation.

Letter from Glenn Smiley to MLK

The Fellowship of Reconciliation asks Dr. King for assistance in obtaining a license to ship medical aid to North and South Vietnam.

Letter from Helga Gulbrandsen to MLK

Helga Gulbrandsen invites Dr. King to speak for the Norwegian Fellowship in Oslo, Norway.

MLK Interview with Glenn E. Smiley

This early (1956) interview with Dr. King has as its center the Montgomery Bus Boycott, a seminal event in Dr. King's career and the Civil Rights Movement.