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Spencer, Herbert

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Handwritten Notecard Regarding "Progress"

Dr. King expresses his ideals and philosophical viewpoints pertaining to "Progress" while making reference to a Herbert Spencer.


Dr. King writes on Herbert Spencer's interpretation of the mind.

MLK Address to the National Press Club

Dr. King gives an address to the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. He discusses his recent conviction for marching in Albany, the economic status of the Negro, racial issues, communism, the church, and the practice of nonviolent resistance. He states that the church is the most segregated institution in America. Dr. King also states that racial issues are a national problem and that the goal of the Negro is freedom.


Dr. King quotes Herbert Spencer regarding the inevitability of progress.

Religion (Definition)

Dr. King notes Herbert Spencer’s definition of religion.


Dr. King records a quote from Herbert Spencer’s “First Principles.”