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National Baptist Convention of the United States of America

The National Baptist Convention USA (NBC), founded at Friendship Baptist Church of Atlanta in 1895, is the largest black religious organization in the U.S. Rev. A. D. Williams, the maternal grandfather of Martin Luther King Jr., attended the founding meeting. In 1954, Dr. King addressed the NBC’s Women’s Convention, speaking on Vision of a World Made New. Daddy King served on the convention’s board of directors. In 1953, Rev. Joseph H. Jackson was elected president of the NBC, a position he held until 1982. In 1960, King publicly disagreed with Jackson’s conservative stance on civil disobedience. At the 1961 convention, King and others supported Rev. Gardner C. Taylor instead of Jackson, which ended in a contentious election and legal battle in Jackson’s favor. L. V. Booth, Taylor and others including King and his family led the formation of a new convention, the Progressive National Baptist Convention.

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Biographical Sketch of Dr. Ralph David Avernathy

This biographical sketch of Dr. Abernathy outlines his positions, recognitions, education, travel experience and personal life. Dr. Abernathy served as President of the SCLC after Dr. King's death and also served as a member of the NAACP, and Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

Letter from Daniel Tyler to MLK

Author Daniel Tyler discusses the contributions he has submitted to the National Baptist Convention. He requests that Dr. King send him information on how to assist the cause of voter registration.

Letter from Horace Sheffield to MLK

Mr. Sheffield sends Dr. King a press release that discusses a Trade Union Leadership Council telegram to Dr. J.H. Jackson in response to his remarks regarding Dr. King and the Freedom Movement.

Letter from L. K. Jackson to MLK

Reverend L. K. Jackson commends Dr. King on his ongoing efforts in the Civil Rights Movement.

Letter from L. K. Jackson to MLK

Rev. Jackson updates Dr. King on his recent activities, how hard he has been fighting for equality for all Americans, and regrets to inform him that he is ill.

Letter from R. C. Woodard to MLK

R. C Woodard expresses that he is an admirer of Dr. King but wants to inquire about whether he is a member of the Communist Party.

Letter from Roland Smith to MLK

Roland Smith requests that Dr. King prepare a list of themes for the Baptist Training Union. Smith encloses a copy of themes from the previous year for Dr. King to use as a template.

Letter from WSB-TV's Don Elliot Heald to MLK

Don Elliot, of WSB Television in Atlanta, encloses an editorial for Dr. King to review. In the editorial, American Baptist Convention President J. H. Jackson criticizes Dr. King for not taking a more constructive approach towards influencing Congress to pass more civil rights legislation.

MLK and New York Protest Meeting Speakers

The SCLC releases a statement to the media regarding Dr. King and other Southern leaders trip to New York to address a series of mass protest meetings. This document outlines a schedule of meetings and also announces that Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. and Actor Harry Belafonte will join the protest.