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Letter from Harry Grossweiner to MLK

In this correspondence to Dr. King, Harry Grossweiner, Executive Vice President of Friends of Father Pire, Inc., expressed to Dr. King that he thought Dr. King would be interested in Father Pire's new book, and also indicated that any comments or suggestion would be appreciated.

Letter from Henry S. Huntington to MLK

Huntington writes to Dr. King concerning the separation of a mother and child in hospitals after birth. Huntington states, "If we get back to nature's ways in our hospitals instead of starting each new human life in America by rejecting it, as it were, I suspect the increase of juvenile delinquency would melt away."

Letter from Judy Palmer to MLK

Judy Palmer agrees with Dr. King concerning the traffic jam in Washington D.C, and asks if Dr. King can befriend the White House.

Letter from Leroy Benefield to MLK

Mr. Benefield requests information on how Dr. King prepared his Old Testatment sermons.

Letter from Michael George to MLK

Mr. George expresses his views on Dr. King's response to the riots Dr. King assisted in ending.

Letter from Mrs. Barbara Gonye to MLK

This is a handwritten note from Mrs. Barbara Gonye to Dr. King questioning his position as a "Man of God" and a "Man of Peace". She also accuses Dr. King of having hate and being a troublemaker.

Letter from W.T. Durr to MLK

Pastor Durr donates funds to help Dr. King and his efforts of nonviolence.

Letter from Wheeler B. Glenn to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. about Moral and Financial Support

Wheeler B. Glenn offer his moral and financial support to Dr. King while commenting on the war in Vietnam.

Thank You Letter from Mary Keller to MLK

This letter from Mary Keller to Dr. King thanks him for his speech given at Grosse Pointe High School on March 14, 1968. Keller apologizes for the behavior of some "troublemakers" during the event.