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First National City Bank (New York, NY)

The First National City Bank of New York, along with Chase Manhattan Bank, was the target of a six-month South Africa divestiture campaign in 1966 organized by the Committee of Conscience Against Apartheid, a project of the American Committee on Africa and the National Student Christian Federation. A. Philip Randolph, who co-chaired the American Negro Leadership Conference on Africa with Dr. King, wrote King seeking his sponsorship of the campaign and enclosed a brochure appealing to the people of New York to withdraw their accounts from these banks because of their loans to South Africa. King was also asked to lead a march on First National City Bank initiated by students at Union Theological Seminary.

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Letter from A. Phillip Randolph to MLK

A. Philip Randolph writes Dr. King requesting that he join as a sponsor in the campaign to decrease customers of the two chief banks supporting apartheid in South Africa.

Letter from Philip Randolph to MLK

A. Philip Randolph, the Chairman of the Committee of Conscience Against Apartheid, sent this letter to urge Chase Manhattan and First National City Banks users to withdraw their funds to signify their disapproval of their engagement in South Africa.

Telegram from George M. Houser to MLK

In this telegram, dated April 12, 1966, Mr. Houser requests Dr. King's help in leading a march on First National Bank of New York. Due to bank loans to South Africa, several hundred students are showing support by withdrawing their accounts.