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Abernathy, Ralph

A native of Linden, Alabama, Rev. Ralph David Abernathy was pastor of
First Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama, when he began working
with Dr. King, other church ministers and National Association for the
Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) officers to organize the
Montgomery Bus Boycott. Following this event, Dr. King and Rev.
Abernathy co-founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference
(SCLC) with other African American clergymen and later engaged in
numerous civil rights campaigns until Dr. King’s death. By 1962,
Rev. Abernathy had moved to Atlanta to serve as senior pastor of West
Hunter Street Baptist Church and to be closer to SCLC, which he would
later lead. Dr. King honored Rev. Abernathy in his famous
“I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” address calling him
“the best friend I have in the world.”

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Annual Report Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Operation Breadbasket, unemployment, poverty, nonviolence, Negro voter registration, and a financial report are just several of the topics covered in this informational pamphlet detailing the ways in which monies were divided amongst the many functions of the SCLC.

Letter from MLK to Yves Choliere

Dr. King informs Yves Choliere that he is unable to participate in the World Peace Congress in Helsinki, Finland in July of 1965. King explains that he and Reverend Abernathy are very busy with voter registration throughout the American South.

Prayer Pilgrimage

Various quotes are cited surrounding Dr. King's perception on love, nonviolence, spirituality, Montgomery, and more. Dr. King elaborates on the history of Montgomery and its direct relation to slavery. Ebony Magazine releases the exclusive eight-point "Plan for Freedom" for Montgomery, calling Negros to mobilize for an all-out assault on segregation."The Death of Evil' is also cited which correlates such evil with details from the book of Exodus.