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Progressive National Baptist Convention

The Progressive National Baptist Convention (PNBC) was the spiritual home of black Baptists committed to civil rights. The Civil Rights Movement was fueled by the passion for freedom and justice among many churches, pastors and members. However activists were opposed by conservatives resistant to change. A prime example of this division was found among black Baptists who disagreed with the nonviolent direct action of the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Freedom Rides. At the 1961 meeting of the National Baptist Convention (NBC) in Kansas City, efforts to oust the established leader, J. H. Jackson, and elect progressive new leadership failed, resulting in the expulsion of Dr. King and others from the Convention. Out of this division the Progressive National Baptist Convention was formed, headed by Gardner Taylor. Following T. J. Jemison’s 1982 election as president of the National Baptists, the NBC moved toward more social engagement.

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Letter from Gardner Taylor to MLK

Rev. Gardner C. Taylor sends a financial contribution to the SCLC on behalf of the Progressive National Baptist Convention.

Letter from J. M. Douglas to MLK

J. M. Douglas, from the Moderators Council of the Progressive National Baptist Convention, thanks Dr. King for his consideration and prompt response to an earlier invitation. Douglas extends another invitation for Dr. King "to come to us, at your first opening available."

Letter from Mrs. Uvee Mdodana-Arbouin to MLK

Mrs. Mdondana-Arbouin, President of the Women's Auxiliary of the Progressive Baptist National Convention, sends Dr. King the lyrics to the poem she delivered at their organization's recent dinner.

Mid-Winter Extra Session of the Progressive National Baptist Convention

L. Venchael Booth, Executive Secretary for The Progressive National Baptist Convention, sends out this letter and news release regarding the Official Call to the Mid-Winter Extra Session to be held in St. Louis, Missouri in late January of 1968.

Progressive National Baptist Convention Sixth Annual Session

This news release outlines the events and participants for the Sixth Annual Session of the Progressive National Baptist Convention to be held in Cincinnati, Ohio. The theme of the conference is Spiritual Renewal in a Decaying Society.

Progressives to Face Important Issues in Birmingham

This news release details a meeting of the Progressive National Baptist Convention's Southern Regional in Birmingham, Alabama. Reverend Martin King, Sr. is one of the many pastors participating.

Telegram from Dr. and Mrs. King to Uvee Arbouin

Dr. and Mrs. King write Uvee Arbouin to commend her Christian leadership and devotion to Jesus Christ.