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Religion (Definition)

Dr. King quotes John M. E. McTaggart's "Some Dogmas of Religion."

God: Hosea


Dr. King explores God as it relates to the book of Hosea.


Dr. King critiques the Protestant Church worship services.


Dr. King quotes an excerpt from William Adams Brown's "Beliefs that Matter."

Science and Religion

Dr. King documents a quote regarding science and religion from "The Finding of God."

Social Ethics

Dr. King cites a scripture that deals with the topic of social ethics.


Dr. King describes the challenge of the Protestant Church as finding a balance between objective and subjective worship.


Dr. King paraphrases one of Benito Mussolini's thoughts on fascism in "The Political and Social Doctrine of Fascism.

Class Notes

Dr. King records notes from the biblical Book of Judges regarding topics such as knowledge, sin, the doctrine of God and ethics.


Dr. King defines prophet.


Dr. King records teachings of German theologian and philosopher Friedrich Schleiermacher that Dr. King feels "make his theology a religious psychology."

Bernard of Clairvaux

Dr. King writes about Bernard of Clairvaux and his idea of the character of the ideal Christian.


Dr. King records a note on French scholar Ernest Renan's prophecy in relation to God.

Social Gospel

Dr. King describes the period of the social gospel.


Dr. King notes an insight from American psychologist and philosopher William James regarding metaphysics.


Dr. King reflects on the purpose of suffering in the Book of Job and how Job deals with it.


Dr. King cites Reinhold Niebuhr's definition of history and its relation to God.


Dr. King references the Old Testament biblical book of Leviticus regarding the topic of sin.

God (His Infinity)

Dr. King quotes Paul Tillich's "Systematic Theology" on the finite and infinite.


Dr. King draws an analogy between Columbus and Dr. Sigmund Freud in that each discovered a "continent."


Dr. King references American theologian Niebuhr's ideas regarding Catholicism and quotes, "It pretended that the church could mediate the divine, mercy and judgement without itself standing under that judgement or requiring that mercy." This quotes derives from Niebuhr's book "The Pope's Domesticated God."


Dr. King wrote these notes on the concept of God while reading "Science and the Modern World" and "Religion in the Making" by Alfred North Whitehead. He quotes Whitehead, stating that God is the "perpetual vision of the road which leads to the deeper realities."


Dr. King records a quote of Albrecht Ritschl regarding Christology.


Dr. King highlights a quote regarding time. [This quote is attributed to Henry Austin Dobson.]

Morality and Religion

Dr. King quotes Albert Knudson's "The Doctrine of God."


Dr. King quotes Edgar S. Brightman's "The Finding of God."

God the Inescapable

Dr. King references the book of Psalms regarding the topic "God the Inescapable." King speaks about man attempting to hide from God, but ultimately expresses that this impossible to do.


Dr. King quotes Charles Darwin's "The Origin of Species."


Dr. King quotes William Ernest Hocking’s “The Meaning of God in Human Experience.”


Dr. King records a quote on righteousness from Karl Barth's "The Epistle to the Romans."