Expression of Gratitude for Condolence Card

3/26/2012 User Submitted

Elaine Hussey wrote to tell us: "When my parents passed away, one of the things my mom kept was a response card from Mrs. Martin Luther King Jr. after my mom sent a sympathy card after the assassination. I just had it framed and wanted to know if you all wanted a photograph or something for your records. I am sure thousands of these acknowledgements were sent out, but my mom kept the envelope too, dated in July of 1968, postmarked Atlanta, and it means a great deal to our family."

"Attached is the photo of the envelope and the card. My mother was first generation American, and back in the 20s and 30s, was subject to cruel discrimination. She was always sensitive to the injustice and ignorance of bigotry, and raised her children to be accepting of everyone. She must have sent Mrs. King Jr. a sympathy note, and the family was kind enough to acknowledge that communication despite all the issues they were surrounded with."